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Watching your favorite video online? Is the slow internet connection taking time to buffer the video? Just download the video with Real Player Downloader and watch it whenever you wish to. It is the fastest video downloader available in the market. Real Player has been the leading brand of video and audio player and now it has come up with the best video downloader in town. The new Real Downloader comes with advanced features enabling a smoother and quicker download of the videos.

Features of Real Player

  • It has a real player library where you can create your own playlists and organize the arrangement of the videos.

  • It enables you to transfer the videos on your computer to your phone so that you can enjoy the videos wherever you go. You need not save it on your computer and keep it at home. Just connect the phone to the computer and click on copy to phone and the file will be transferred.

  • There may be a lot of videos online and you may not want to download all of them. Real Player Downloader provides you with a Bookmark feature by which you can bookmark a video which you can watch later on.

  • Real Downloader allows you to watch free videos from all the major video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe.

  • Real player recognizes the format of the video file automatically while playing, so that you do not have to spend time searching for the video codec.

  • All the video codecs like MPEG-4, DivX, VP8 etc are supported by Real Player which will allow you to watch the videos in high quality.

There is a premium version of Real Player, which is the latest launch by the company. It is called Real Player Plus 16.

Benefits of Real Player Downloader

  • The first and foremost benefit of using Real Player Downloader is that video download can be done faster. It is actually three times faster than the usual download time. The Performance speed is also increased due to the availability of parallel downloads. The internet connection speed is completely utilized for downloading the videos quickly.

  • More than thousands of videos can be bookmarked using Real Player Downloader, so that you can later on watch the videos from the Real Player library.

  • Since more video codecs are supported by Real Player, the videos and DVDs can be watched in high quality.

  • You can also edit the part of a video using the video edit feature of it.

  • The format of the video can be transferred at a faster rate. For example, formats like MPEG2 and VOB can be transferred quickly.

  • The files saved on the computer can be moved to your mobile phones and other portable devices.

  • There is a feature in the Real Player Downloader to share the videos in the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • If you choose the conceal mode, you can hide the activities of your Real Player too. In this mode, the video can be moved to a safer location that you can protect with password.

Real player Free Download is available in the online website of Real Player.

How to download and install Real Player Downloader

There is a premium download as well as a standard basic download which can be done from the Real Player website. The premium download is not free and applies charges to download. The standard download is a Real Player Free Download.

Steps to download

  • Go to the Real Player website.

  • Click on the ‘free basic Player’ link.

  • Click on the ‘Download’ button.

The Real Player Downloader set up will get downloaded now.

Steps to install

  • After the download gets completed, click on ‘Run’ when asked.

  • This will start the installation process.

  • Click on Accept when asked to ‘accept’ the terms and conditions.

  • Then, the installation process begins and completes after a few minutes.

  • You will be asked to save a shortcut on desktop.

  • After saving, click on the desktop icon of the Real Player Downloader.

  • There, you get the options to search for your favorite videos on the internet.

  • Click on ‘download’ given on top of the video to download it via Real Player Downloader.

There is also a video given on the website of Real Player which gives the step by step instruction on how to download and install the downloader.

Now, enjoy all those videos in high quality just by a click of the mouse.


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